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Defending Assault Charges

The criminal defense lawyers at Kantor LLP provide comprehensive legal representation and vigorously protects the rights of individuals facing assault charges, such as assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, aggravated assault, and sexual assault. Our respected team of defence lawyers has an exceptional track record defending clients from the early stages of the criminal process through to trial.

What Constitutes Assault?

Assault, as defined in Section 265 of the Criminal Code of Canada, is the attempt, threat or execution of intentionally applying force against another individual without their consent. Assault includes offences that cause death (first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and manslaughter), domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, or aggravated assault (where the complainant alleges substantial injury from the applied force).

A person may be charged in a conspiracy to commit one of these offences or as a party to the offence. Depending on the severity and circumstances of the alleged assault, there is a range of potential punishments, including life in prison.

Defences for Assault Charges

Assault charges are very serious. They are classified by the nature of the injuries, if any, sustained by the victim in the case. And the more serious the injury, or if a weapon is involved, the more severe the punishment. Moreover, recent changes to the law have increased the likelihood that a conviction on a serious assault charge will result in jail time.

Criminal cases do not begin in court. In the crucial early stage, Dale Wm. Fedorchuk QC assists clients under investigation and gives guidance before charges are laid. Solid legal advice can make the difference between facing serious charges and facing none at all. There are many defences to assault charges in Canadian criminal law and so it is important to provide detailed evidence to create the foundations of a successful defence. With an emphasis on impassioned advocacy and professionalism, we will work tirelessly to defend your case. 

Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault is defined as any assault of a sexual nature. In the Canadian criminal justice system, sexual assault charges are among the most dire an individual can face. A sexual assault conviction comes with many serious consequences, including jail time, the addition of your name to the sex offender registry, and the possibility of losing future job prospects. A conviction carries the potential to ruin your personal and professional reputation for life. 

Defences for Sexual Assault Charges

Our exceptional record of defending criminally accused individuals and years of experience of navigating the complexities of courtroom proceedings can help you get the most effective resolution. As seasoned professionals in the Alberta justice system, our criminal defence team has extensive knowledge of the options and tools required to establish a case for alternative punitive measures. We work to prevent a criminal record by requesting community service work, conditional discharge, or rehabilitative measures. Our objective is to keep your record clean and to ensure you receive favourable legal measures.

*We accept Legal Aid cases.