Estate Law

Maintenance and Support Claims for Married and Common Law Spouses

Alberta law recognizes a moral and legal obligation for individuals to provide for the needs of their dependants upon death. 

Dependants include:

(a) Spouses;
(b) Common-law spouses / adult interdependent partners;
(c) Minor children;
(d) Adult children unable to earn a livelihood due to physical or mental disability; and
(e) Other qualifying family members who relied financially on the deceased person.

If a dependant is not adequately provided for in a Will, that dependant has the opportunity to commence a claim to ensure sufficient funds are received in order to preserve the level of care to which they are entitled.

In Alberta, the Courts have recognized that a deceased person’s priority is to adequately provide for his or her spouse, above all others. Accordingly, issues can arise where a surviving spouse does not receive the entirety of the estate.

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If you are the executor, beneficiary or interested person of an estate seeking to defend the estate from a family maintenance and support claim, and would like further information on your options, please contact us.

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For more information, see Wills and Succession Act, SA 2010, c W-12.2, Part 5

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