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Challenging a Will Comes at a Price

A would-be challenger of a will had better be sure there is some merit to their case, or they will have to pay the consequences.

Evicting a Sister

Losing a parent is never an easy experience. Settling their estate and dealing with family conflict can make it harder.

What’s the Value in a Video?

Testators beware. Even having a solicitor record a video of testamentary wishes may not be enough to prevent a challenge to the will.

Disinherited | A Grandchild Scorned?

Finding out you have been disinherited can be a painful experience. The appellant in Logan Estate (Re), a 2021 case from the Court of Appeal of Alberta, must have thought so when she found out she was cut out of her grandmother’s will. However, not all was as it first appeared.

The Capacity To Make A Will

The issue of whether someone has the capacity to make a will - called testamentary capacity - comes up frequently in the practice of estate litigation.

What I Wish I’d Known Before I Was Dead: The Importance of Having a Will

If you live in Alberta and you don’t have a will, congratulations! You’re safely in the majority. A January 2018 report by the Angus Reid Institute shows 55% of Albertans have not made a will. Whether Albertans believe they’re too young to worry about a will, that they don’t have any assets worth the trouble, or that getting a will is too expensive, most of us have not formally written down what should happen when we die.