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Tractor Fender Wills - Still Valid in Saskatchewan

"Tractor Fender Wills - Still Valid in Saskatchewan" tells the intriguing and tragic story of Cecil George Harris, a farmer who, while trapped under a tractor, etched his will onto the tractor's fender in 1948.

You Don't Need a Will. They're Lying to You!! Scenario 1

In our anecdotal series, John, a prosperous accountant, dies unexpectedly without a Will. His family grapples with legal chaos and financial stress, underlining the critical need for estate planning.

What Is Undue Influence?

When a testator in drafting their will has been unduly influenced, then they have not divided their estate of their own free will. The influence imposed by some other person on the deceased is so great and overpowering that the document does not reflect the will of the deceased.

International Wills in Alberta

Many people immigrate to Alberta every year, and some of them have wills that were made outside of Canada, also known as international wills. Are those international wills recognized in Alberta? Yes, they are recognized, but only under certain conditions.

Can I Handwrite My Own Will?

When someone (a testator) writes their own will, this is called a holograph will. Alberta’s Wills and Succession Act states that holograph wills can be valid in Alberta as long as they comply with the Act.