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To Vary a Trust

A trust may be created within a Will, commonly known as testamentary trusts, or outside of a will, which are referred to as inter vivos trusts.

Making a Will

Making a Will is essential. While there are always more exciting ways to spend your time, ensuring your legal Will is appropriately prepared brings a formality to your estate planning.

Will Checklist

Of all the documents you sign in your lifetime, your last will and testament is arguably the most important.

Less Diligence Means Less Reimbursement

Trustees and guardians of represented adults need to diligently manage and record the finances of adult they oversee if they want to be reimbursed. The Applicant in Resek (Re), 2018 ABQB 497, should have heeded that advice long before he came before the Court.

Challenging a Will Comes at a Price

A would-be challenger of a will had better be sure there is some merit to their case, or they will have to pay the consequences.

Trustees Need Only Act Reasonably, Not Perfectly

NH died in December 2017, making her son, RH, her estate’s Personal Representative and its primary beneficiary. The deceased’s nieces, SK and DS, had been her Trustees for the previous three or four years.